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Pinhole Camera

Craft Ideas | 6-8 yrs | look and take

How to make Pinhole Camera

Step by Step Instructions :

  1. The key to a good pinhole viewer is using a lightproof box. The only light that comes in to the box when it is shut should be through the pinhole.
  2. Choose one of the small faces of the box and make a tiny pinhole right in the center using a pushpin.
  3. Secure a strip of wax paper that is the width of the box approximately 4 inches from the side with the pinhole. The strip will have to be a little longer than the width so it is easy to secure and just a little shorter that the total height of the box.
  4. Measure and cut out an eye hole on the side opposite the pinhole for you to look inside your new pinhole viewer.
  5. You are now ready to take your pinhole viewer outside and look at objects through this wonderful device.

Materials Requirement

  • Empty shoe box or cereal box 1
  • Chart sheet- black 2
  • Duct tape (preferably black or gray) 1
  • Wax paper 1
  • Blade or scissors 1
  • A thumbtack or pushpin 2
  • Cardboard 1
  • Glue stick 1

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