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Colour Scheme

Party Ideas And Themes | 5-12 yrs | look and take, Interactive

A theme as simple as colour

An easy theme to work with when throwing a children’s party is using a colour theme. Pick two colours that look really great together and go wild.


  • Since this theme is not based in anything specific you can do this practically anywhere.
  • It can also be incorporated into a larger idea. For example you can have it in a playground with all the related decorations in the colour scheme you choose.


  • This one is simple. Foreshadow the party using the colour scheme of the party.


  • Helium balloons.
  • A banner saying happy birthday or whatever else the party is celebrating.


  • Since the theme is so wide, you can choose whatever activities you want that don’t have to fit with any particular theme.
  • If you’re good at art you could invest in some face-paint and paint faces. You could also employ one of your friends, or the friendly neighbourhood face-painter to do so.
  • Play dancing-hlavesies, where children stand on a centerfold of newspaper. You play some music for about 20 seconds and have them fold the newspaper in half. If they step off the newspaper they are eliminated. As the folds become smaller you can move from dancing on newspaper to just standing on it.

For more interesting Party Ideas and Themes for kids, go to https://mocomi.com/fun/party-ideas-themes/