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Cars Birthday Party Ideas

Party Ideas And Themes | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

Car Birthday Invitations

Draw a car racing field on a paper; and invite your friends to a car themed birthday party.

Party Decorations Ideas

  • Take a shoe box and cover it with black paper. On the front, cover the box with red, yellow and green cellophane paper. Place a battery light inside and watch your traffic signal glow.
  • Make cones using cardboard and orange paper and use them as traffic stops.
  • Take a black tape and use it to make roads on the floor and walls. Make white dashes on them using a white pen.
  • Cut out cars’ shapes and write cute messages on them. Make license plates with funny names on them.
  • Cut out cars’ shapes, color them and join them to make a unique birthday banner.
  • Take the empty toilet paper rolls and cover them in colored paper. Attach four wheel shaped cardboards and you have cars to play with.
  • Take large cardboard boxes and cover them in colored paper. Draw the car’s wheels etc on them. Cut out the bottom part. Ask your friends to stand inside them and have a car race.
  • Place some old wheels around the house for your friends to slide through them.
  • Paint magnetic black paint on the wall to make a race track and slide cars on them.

Food for Cars Birthday Party

  • Take chocolate sponge cake and cut them into rectangular pieces. Place red, yellow and green Gems on them and you have edible traffic signals.
  • Take lollipops and stick various traffic signs on them.
  • Use doughnuts as wheels.
  • Bake a cake with your mother. Cut it out to look like a car. Cover it with fondant. Attach Oreo biscuits as the wheels; and make the windows etc using fondant.
  • Serve inverted orange ice cream cones, which are filled with ice cream.

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