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Around the world

Party Ideas And Themes | 5-12 yrs | look and take, Interactive

There’s an age at which children become obsessed with geography. Their ability to rattle out countries and capitals can sometimes make you think your kid is a savant. An Around the world theme party is perfect if your child is going through that phase, or even otherwise.


  • The great thing about an Around the world party is that you can adapt it for any venue. Flags have so many different colours so start there. Strings of maps make for great wall decoration.
  • Hang a world map somewhere visible.
  • You could pick a country and build your decoration around it. For example chinese or japanese paper lanters, a mexican pinata, or an Indian shamiyana.


  • Ask your guests to dress in a costume that represents their cultural heritage or to choose any culture they like. If guests are short on time or money, suggest that they dress like a country’s flag. To represent Germany, wear red, yellow and black.

Clothing and accessories for your around the world costume:

  • Folkloric costumes and ensembles.
  • Hats, scarves and headgear.
  • Belts, obis and jewelry.
  • Boots, sandals, mukluks or bare feet.
  • Eye patches and moustaches.


  • Split the kids into groups and have them make up a country of their own with a national anthem and flag. Have them describe what would be a major feature of their country. You’ll need colour pencils and paper to do this. Have some tape and a space ready to hang up the flags of these fantasy coutries.


  • Everything from your snacks to your main course should reflect an international influence. Choose one country and let that inspire your entire meal, or mix it up with favorites from lots of lands.Pair chips and salsa with hummus and warm pita, or pappadums (India) with various chutneys.
  • Flatbreads and pancakes are staples around the globe: Stuff crepes (France) with mushrooms and cheese, serve injera (Ethiopia) with curried potatoes, or prepare Mandarin pancakes and mushu pork (China).
  • Dessert can range from shortbread and baklava to tiramisu and gelato.

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