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Diwali Theme Party

Party Ideas And Themes | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

Creative Ideas for Diwali Theme Party

Hey folks! Would you like to host a diwali party for your friends and enjoy?
If yes, then here is how you can have a party filled with light, colors and sweets.


The ideal location for diwali party can be in your house garden, a nearby park, a club house or even your home.

Invitations for Diwali Theme Party

  1. Your invites can have some awesome pictures or prints of diyas, or rangoli designs on a two fold card.
  2. Even paper bags full with candy and chocolates can go along with an invitation note.
  3. Or it can be simple sweet boxes.

Decoration Ideas for Diwali Theme Party

  • Decorate your floor with a colorful rangoli.
  • For night, you can hang colorful lanterns and lights.
  • You can also decorate diya’s around the dinner table.
  • You can place candles at the wall railings, and around rangoli.

Diwali Activity Ideas

  1. Musical games like antakshari, or musical chairs can be played to add fun.
  2. Rangoli competitions.
  3. Floating lanterns.
  4. Burning crackers in the presence of an adult.

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