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Dinosaur Party

Party Ideas And Themes | 5-12 yrs | look and take, Interactive

Is your child a dino-holic? Crazy for the dinosaur kind of adventure? If he or she is, then throw a prehistoric dinosaur birthday bash your little T-Rex, one he will never forget. Dinosaurs are big fascination with children of all ages. Which child doesn’t enjoy a hearty roar, a teeth-clashing chomp, and the magic and mystery of these prehistoric creatures? Try these ideas for your little paleontologist and create a dinosaur birthday your kids will be talking for months.


  • The ideal location for this activity could be in your backyard if it is well planted or even a nearby park.
  • This activity can also be done indoor in case of unavailability of space.


  • Your invite could have a dinosaur foot-prints printed on it.
  • Simply write the party information on a slip of paper, roll it up and place it inside a plastic egg.
  • Another idea is to draw a dinosaur head with sharp teeth as a card invitation.


  • Use chalk to make dino prints and caveman drawings on the path of your front door.
  • Make cut outs of dinosaur footprints to put on up the wall.
  • Play music from the flintstones or dinosaur Party.
  • Hang a sign board that reads dinosaur Party.
  • Include rocks and ferns for the party.
  • Make caveman costumes for guests. Use your child for a pattern and then cut a hole in the middle of the fabric so it drapes down the front and back.
  • Make a volcano centerpiece using paper mache and brown paint, and place dry ice in the center to create the effect of steam escaping.


  • Play the dinosaur guessing game. Quiz your guests on their knowledge about dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaur cake hunt. The might T-rex has stolen the cake. Give clues to lead your guests to the missing cake.
  • Dino egg hunt. Send your young paleontologists on a search for special prehistoric eggs.
  • Play the game, Dinosaur Egg relay. Where the kids who crosses the finishing line first balancing an egg with a spoon in the mouth, wins the game.

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